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Nutritional Therapy for Adults

What to expect in your Initial Nutritional Therapy Session

Let me start by saying you don’t have to throw a goodbye party for all your favourite “forbidden foods” before your first appointment! No foods are going to be off limits! As far as I’m concerned, ALL food is good food!

Okay, now we’ve got that out of the way, what should you expect in your first appointment with a Certified Practicing Nutritionist at Lotus Health + Nutrition?

During your Initial Nutritional Therapy Session, we’ll take a deep dive into your overall health and wellbeing by exploring:

  • your presenting condition and/or health goals
  • your medical history and relevant family medical history
  • current medications and supplements
  • recent pathology results (if relevant)
  • your current eating patterns and food related behaviours
  • your current lifestyle including sleep, stress and exercise

A prescription for practitioner-only, therapeutic-level nutraceutical supplements may be recommended if any nutritional deficiencies are identified or if additional nutrient support is required. You may also receive a recommendation for further diagnostics or pathology testing (all of these are optional and only if relevant – I’m not a fan of unnecessary supplementation or testing so won’t recommend anything that’s not genuinely needed).

You’ll most likely leave with a whole bunch of handouts and infographics, for extra reading at home 😉

Following your session, you’ll be emailed a comprehensive Treatment Plan summarising everything discussed in the consultation, including your health goals and the strategies to help you reach them.

Lotus Health + Nutrition provides a safe space where you can be heard, seen and cared for, where all bodies are respected.

From the weight-inclusive, super comfy clinic couch, to the bright and cheerful decor, I want your visit to be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible 🙂

  • weigh you
  • measure you
  • talk about BMI, overweight or obesity (can’t stand that fat-phobic stuff!)
  • promote dieting or restriction of any foods (unless you have an allergy or sensitivity!)
  • ask you track your food intake or count kilojoules, macros or carbs
  • use negative, fat-phobic, or weight-biased language
  • label any foods as “good”, “bad” or “forbidden”
  • use terms like “clean” or “green eating”
  • promote dieting under the disguise of “wellness”
  • enforce militant exercise or fitness regimens
  • create more stress and uncertainty around eating

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