What is a Clinical Nutritionist?

Clinical Nutritionists have an in depth understanding of the science of nutrients – how they are digested, processed, stored and excreted by the body. They understand the complex relationship between nutrition and disease, using evidence-based, clinical nutritional and dietetic medicine to address a wide variety of health concerns and conditions.

Clinical Nutritionists have, at a minimum, university level qualifications in nutritional science, encompassing an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, human nutrition, food science and public health. In order to use the title “Clinical” Nutritionist, they should also have completed clinical practice hours, and have attained clinical skills in physical examination and individual counselling as part of their academic education.

Lotus Health + Nutrition’s Clinical Nutritionists use a person-centred, holistic approach to healing, addressing the root cause of your health condition and not solely the symptom or disease. They recognise that all of the body systems work together as one interconnected system, and maintaining balance, or homeostasis, is vital for overall health and wellbeing. They consider your lifestyle, culture, values and beliefs when forming your personalised Treatment Plan, in order to help you achieve optimal health.

How can a Clinical Nutritionist help me?

Clinical Nutritionists can help you navigate the ever-confusing and overwhelming world of nutritional information and misinformation, to help to you differentiate between fact and fad!

Using evidence-based nutritional therapies and dietetic medicine, our Clinical Nutritionists can address a wide variety of health concerns, assisting you to achieve optimal health.

The Clinical Nutritionists at Lotus Health + Nutrition want to show you how to eat well, live healthy and be happy, without restriction or deprivation. They will guide and support you on the journey to love the body you’re in and live your best life 🙂

How is a Clinical Nutritionist different from a dietitian or other health coaches?

Clinical Nutritionists and dietitians both practice evidence-based nutritional medicine and hold the same overarching vision for better nutrition, health and wellbeing for all. However, the two disciplines draw on very different philosophies. Whereas dietitians focus on medical nutritional therapy for the management of disease and illness, often in a hospital or outpatient setting, Clinical Nutritionists adopt a holistic approach to healing, recognising the complexities of disease and the interconnectedness of the body and all of its systems.

Clinical Nutritionists are also required to participate in continued education to maintain current and up-to-date industry knowledge and remain as active members of their professional associations. Lotus Health + Nutrition’s Clinical nutritionists are also Advanced First Aid qualified, hold Police Clearances and Working With Children checks.

Health or life coaches, personal trainers, wellness consultants and other weight loss mentors that refer to themselves as “nutritionists” often have little or no nutritional education or qualifications. They are restricted to offering basic dietary advice based on the health department’s Australian Dietary Guidelines and are not permitted to prescribe diet or meal plans, nutritional supplements, or diagnose and treat medical conditions. They often amplify the negative messaging of today’s diet culture, promoting food perfectionism, cyclic dieting and excessive exercising. This culture, focused on weight loss, detoxing and “clean eating”, reinforces the drive for unattainable perfectionism, perpetuating negative body image, weight stigma and disordered eating behaviours.

What should I bring to my consultation?

Prior to your Initial Consultation, you will be sent a secure link to complete your New Client Registration Form, which you should complete and submit before the day of your consultation. This form establishes your main presenting health condition or concern, a brief medical history and administrative information for our client records.

If you have had any recent pathology tests or investigations please bring the results/reports when you attend the clinic for your consultation, as we will review these as part of the comprehensive investigation into your presenting condition, assisting us in providing the best Treatment Plan for your individual needs.

After your consultation, we will email a copy of your Treatment Plan to you so you don’t have to try to remember everything discussed 🙂

Are any discounts available for my consultation or service?

Lotus Health + Nutrition offers a 20% discount off service and consultation fees to seniors, HealthCare Card holders, and full-time high school students between 16-18 years of age.

We also thank and support our Defence Force veterans, current serving members and their immediate families by offering a 20% discount off service and consultation fees.

PLEASE NOTE: discounts are not available on products (including nutraceuticals and supplements) or functional diagnostic or pathology testing.

Are private health insurance rebates available for my consultation?


Clinical Nutrition consultations are covered by many private health insurance companies and we are a registered provider with the following health funds: AAMI, APIA, AHM, Australian Unity, CUA Health, HBF Health, Latrobe Health Services, Medibank Private, Mildura Health Fund, NIB, Phoenix Health Fund, Qantas Health Insurance, Suncorp, St Lukes Health and Westfund Health Insurance.

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